About us

Mission and Vision About us


The goal of the Center is to become an international renowned research center on global climate and environmental sciences, as well as a cooperative base providing technology support, capacity building and talent training for developing countries, to take the lead in initiating, organizing, coordinating and implementing major international scientific cooperation between CAS and other developing countries, and hence to promote TWAS’s influence in the international community of science and technology, especially in the global climate and environmental change research.


ICCES is devoted to establishing the cooperative and innovation research center of CAS and TWAS in the area of climate and environment sciences, and provide services to the developing countries with scientific support and advisory, capacity building, etc.


The main tasks of ICCES are:

1) Researches on the key scientific problems in global climate and environmental changes, such as theories, simulation and prediction of global change, disaster detection and assessment, etc, Promotes the capability of monitoring and forecasting of climatic and environmental disaster, and provides services for the national and international requirements on sustainable developments, as well as consultation for scientific policies in the negotiation of global climate change.

2) Organizes the CTWF international workshops and training workshops, provides exchange programs for international visiting scholars and students from developing countries, and fosters key international cooperative projects on the research of climate and environmental change, to strengthen the capacity of related research, and improve the understanding of climate change as well as the experiences of management and adaptation in the developing countries.