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Earth System Model (ESM) is an important tool to understand the past climate and environment evolution mechanism and to predict the potential global change scenarios in the future. The earth system model is an important platform for integrated Geosciences Research, and its level of development and simulation capability has become an important symbol to measure thegeology.

The predecessor of the earth system model was the CSM System Model (Climate). The traditional climate system models include the atmospheric circulation system, the land surface physical system, the ocean circulation and the ice system. At the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, with the deepening of global climate change research, climate system model development, the area gradually

At present, the major countries in the world have developed a major research project on earth system such as the United States in 2001 launched the "earth system simulation framework" (ESMF) of the plan earth system simulation integration plan of EU launched in 2001 "(PRISM), Australia Australia Leah launched the earth simulator (ACCESS) program. In 2010, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) released its first earth system model, CESM1.0.k of the Chinese Academy of Sciences earth system model (CAS-ESM). The system mainly includes the following components: atmospheric circulation model, land surface and hydrological model, vegetation dynamics model,ncludes the following component: circulationmodel, land surface and hydrological model, vegetation dynamics model,